Catsmack #TBT

You come up here and make me get down, Human!
                                                                                            -Baby Frank #TBT

Cats watching birds Catsmack

Anything you can do, I can do better...

Have a looksee for yourself and decide which one does it better.

        Renata                            Frank

Cat Smack Hardcore Cats

Cat Smack is the home of Frank & Renata.
Resistance is futile.

There is no one who doesn't like fluffy kittens...but we are not fluffy kittens.  
We are hardcore.

The Lady & The Man are our Humans.
If you haven't figured it out already, The Lady writes our page, but we run the show.  

The Man tries to keep up when he isn't busy scooping our poop
and being a sports broadcaster.

 Renata is sweet and Frank is sass.

Helping The Lady Heal Catsmack

I'm not a delicate flower, but I still "help" The Lady

Ok, so you got me. I want the treats.

Renata, the "Good One" says....

Renata, the Maine Coon Kitty says...

We want to be sure to take a moment to let all of you know that The Lady is doing better everyday. Thank you all for your support & encouragement.

From all of us here at Cat Smack.